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When you need a tape as strong as your reputation, you can rely on 3M tapes, always reliable and highly durable.



Electric tape reinforced with filaments is a tape with electric filaments. This tape is designed for oil filled distribution transformer applications and offers stable adhesion even after long exposure to transformer fluids. The tape has an electric grade paper backing reinforced with glass filament canvas and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and oil compatible. 



It’s equipped with a paper backing that offers full saturation to reduce the potential for voids. The unique coating of this tape supports excellent adhesion with insulating epoxy diamond paper during the transformer firing process. It resists a temperature range of 40 to 105 ºC and provides rigidity for excellent handling during coil winding operations.





  • Lightweight strapping, grouping and reinforcement applications
  • Box closure and reinforcement
  • Crossed junctions
  • Grouping of heavy products



  • Tabulation and grouping of metal coils
  • L and U clip closures
  • Joining pallets, groupings by shipment and handling