No matter what kind of criticality you have, there is always a special 3M tape that can help you



No matter what your gluing need, there is a special 3M tape that helps you lead, reflect, protect, seal, mark, silence. Whatever your application, 3M can meet your needs with a tape to do the job properly. 



3M High Temperature Fiberglass/Aluminum Foil Tape is very robust and flexible; it is designed for heat shielding in aerospace, automotive applications. 



3M High Temperature Fiberglass/Aluminum Foil Tape is a very robust and flexible tape with high tensile, tear and perforation resistance. With a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive, our tape adheres well to silicone surfaces and uneven, uneven substrates. It is thermoreflective and photoreflective, plus it resists flames, moisture, water, degradation due to UV rays. It is a chemical-resistant, thermally conductive tape that remains effective constantly even at extreme temperatures, which can range between -54 ºC to 316 ºC. 





  • Heat reflective, it wraps on cables with insulation, instruments or other materials sensitive to high temperature
  • Ideal for industrial applications involving exposure to motion and vibration
  • Wrapping of cables for wiring
  • Applications where the relationship between high temperatures and performance in the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors is crucial.