Prades visits ATP production plants

8 and 9 November 2016, Prades visited the production plants of ATP Alltape Klebetechnik GMBH in Mihla/Buchenau in Germany.

We were invited by Roberta Fumagalli, the agent for Italy of our supplier ATP, a German manufacturer of double sided adhesive tapes, which allowed us to visit the research and development laboratories and the production plants both of the industrial products and products intended for the graphics market.

It was very interesting to verify everything publicised in their brochures: the precision in manufacturing the various types of adhesives and the considerable care taken in the manufacturing process, obtained thanks to the innovative coating machines in the park, which will be increased in the next two years with a new production unit with a surface area of 20,000 metres squared.

It is an honour for us to work with them for over 15 years and be a converter of their products. Together, we are designing new solutions for building & construction applications, especially in the roofing, doors and windows and permanent fixtures sector of vapour barriers (aluminium double glazing) and a new system based on plastic material.