Visit to 3M™ headquarters in Minneapolis, USA

Visit to the 3M™ headquarters in Minneapolis, USA
4-9 October 2016
A learning curve in a great industrial group.


With immense pleasure, PRADES, represented by Luca Magario (owner of the company) and Renato Mapelli (Export Manager), were invited last September to the headquarters of the 3M Company, in St. Paul in Minnesota.
This meeting sealed an existing relationship between the two companies since 2008 which in recent years brought results in the development of the Italian market in double sided tapes used in the flexographic printing sector.

The welcome reserved for the Prades representatives was wholehearted and warm. We met the various managers at international level both for flexographic printing and the other very important sectors relevant to the IATD division.

After a busy day of discussion, which began at 8 in the morning and concluded at 7 in the evening, the opportunity arose to meet one of the most renowned personalities that made 3M famous, Mr. Arthur Fry, the inventor way back in the Seventies of the Post-it®, which has revolutionised office work around the world. Mr. Fry was revealed to be a very upright person and did not hesitate to allow us to immortalise the moment with a photo…a once in a lifetime experience!

The evening concluded with a fabulous meal in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi River with the guaranteed steamboats.

On our return, the following day, we took advantage of our stop in New York, to spend two days in the Big Apple, already known to us, but unmissable.

Luca Magario e Arthur Fry